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    My apartment manager asked me for a stun gun recommendation, but does not want taser that must be reloaded. She's only got one hand, and walking her dog isn't a safe activity at night in this city anymore… I knew (because … nerd!) that current was more important than voltage, but I couldn't find any stun guns that listed a current rating and I knew the cheap ones are useless. Then I saw your post and the specs on this thing. I sure as hell don't wanna be on the business end of it! I'm pretty confident she'll put it to good use, should some trog decide that a disabled woman would make an easy target.

    Thanks for posting it. :)
    Sorry for the slow reply....I've been checking mostly via facebook lately...You're welcome! It took a LONG time to find that one. Happy to share

  3. I agree

    Quote Originally Posted by mr_jake_88 View Post
    I would get the Taser x26. I had to get shot with one in the academy, it was the most painful 5 seconds of my life :)
    I couldn't imagine a 30 second ride with a taser, 5 seconds was plenty.

  4. What is truly amazing, is that in the biggest city near my home the Municipal Code Sec. 10.30.020 - Prohibits the possession, sale, or use of tasers, stun guns, and similar electronic or energy devices. Guess its a good thing for sixty bucks I can get a cpl.

  5. Is that Available to the public?

  6. Meh. At those ranges, and a BG intent on killing me, I'll hand him the projectile end of a .45 caliber cartridge. Rinse, repeat if necessary.

    Not saying less-than-lethal methods are bad, they are just not for me, after consideration some time ago.

    As an electronic tech., I was working on a tube type RF amplifier for a ham buddy, and he put his leg on my wheel-lock roll cart with enough force to knock one finger off a test point and on to B+ for an instant. I was off work for 3 days, bedridden. If I tried to get up, or exert in any way, my heart would tach. Nearly died over that one. I have to this day what my cardiologist called an excitable aorta.

    Thank God I wasn't working on an amp with higher B+. If I was tazed today, it would probably kill me.
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

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