Tactical Pens any good?
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Thread: Tactical Pens any good?

  1. Tactical Pens any good?

    Has anyone found a valid use for the tactical pen, like the one by UZI, that is supposed to be just as lethal as a gun, plus collects DNA samples?

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    I'm interested in this thread. Since I carry a pen anyways, should I invest in these tactical pens?

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    I have two of the tactical pens. I have the newer model Uzi that has the glass breaker on the end rather than the crown. And I also have an early Smith and Wesson. I carry both in my left front jeans pocket. I carry them in this position since I am right handed. This way if warding off an attack I can grab a pen with my left hand and use as a stabbing motion as I turn away from an attacker and draw my sidearm with my right.

  5. My UZI pen is always with me. It stopped writing, but uses Fisher pen refills. Looks a little big in a woman's hand, however. Who trains how to use one of these pens most effectively?

  6. Good info to have. Thanks.

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    S&W pens

    The S&W pens Write very good. I got some for my wife and Daughters. They have to be at class and work late. And I feel they need to have a way to protect themselves at all times.

  8. I would use them as one would a yawara or Kuboton. Hold it in your fist and strike down or up into vulnerable areas of the body: back of the hands to make someone release their grip; back of the wrist; below the ear up under the jaw along the jawline, into the throat, down onto the collar bone; into the shoulder joint, the point of the hip; on top of the foot; eyes, temple, etc. The options are only limited by your knowledge and imagination. It can be used to strike with or just ot apply slow steady pressure for pain compliance or leverage techniques. Get some training in a good hand-to-hand system. Such training will also help with handgun retention.

    Be Strong!

  9. I found one at academy sports that's smith and wesson. No writing pen but instead has a light in the top. Good tool for police and ems

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    1- Penguns are considered AOW under NFA rules.

    2- Any product that is labled as "tactical" is obviously a better product than one that isn't "tactical"

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    If you have to have a "tactical pen", get one that uses Fisher refills. I use a pen I bought at Office Max for $5.99. It has a twist-to-open function rather than a push button, and an aluminum barrel.I think that Cross makes them for Office Max to add their name.
    In some parts of the country, Kubotons, tactical pens, and that sort of thing are illegal. Be careful of that. I $6 or $7 pen from Office Max will never be illegalized. Look for something that can't be illegalized.

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