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  1. Laws against weapons are there to benefit the ruling class, criminals (often those two are the same), and Police. Yep, it's stupid that I wear my .45 legally but two sticks tied together (nunchucks) is an illegal weapon. I'm still trying to sort out the telescoping baton legality here in Washington, but my ex-cop wife likes 'em and has one in her car.

    Frankly, I think you're in more trouble if you cracked his wrist with a baton (a weapon) than if you just caved in his skull with a Maglite (not a weapon, and something you might carry at night).

    I have enough gray in my whiskers that it won't raise eyebrows for me to use a cane. The Cold Steel City Stick is elegant -- I just wish I could find a plain STAINLESS headed model now - my youngest kid beat the hell out of my stainless skull headed cane on a big rock, and Cold Steel seems to have switched to a plain aluminum head that's not nearly as good.

    I've generally been satisfied to carry my 1911. To me, the Al Mar SERE2000 I wear is a much-used everyday tool, not a weapon. I suppose some sort of less than lethal weapon might not be a bad idea. Perhaps pepper spray or a stun-flashlight.
    “The police of a State should never be stronger or better armed than the citizenry. An armed citizenry, willing to fight is the foundation of civil freedom.” Heinlein

  3. A cane at least looks like its primary purpose is for something other than hurting someone. I tend to prefer a slightly longer walking stick (like a short pole). It makes it look like you're just out for a hike. Just make sure it's not too long if you happen to live in a city where you might accidently hit the wall if you're needing to swing it around in an alley-type location.

  4. In my opinion a cane is the best all-around stick tool. Low profile, versatile, elegant, and it can be devastatingly effective with proper training.

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    I have such a thing, an asp, from a previous life. It is illegal in kansas to carry one. My ccw only applies to handguns. There is no limit to how many or what size however :)

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    Ky has a deadly weapons permit, If i can buy it I can carry it. (so said the instructor) including brass knuckles, switch blade, samurai sword, bat, collapsible baton, etc......

    Personally, I would go for a cane, or the kimber guardian angel.

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    I have a disability and I sometimes have to carry a cane. Before my CCW permit I would practice fighting with my cane because it's what I know I would have on me and a guy with a limp and a cane makes a tasty target.

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    In Wisconsin we finally got approval to defend ourselves, and I find this to be a great option. Not every situation calls for even drawing a pistol, yet you feel uncomfortable.

    I was shopping for these recently, be sure to get the one that's closer to 100 bucks, the others are toys that will fail you and bend. Also, when retracting them, just turn the pieces, don't jam it on the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltcreek View Post
    I don't know of any CCW permit anywhere that allows you to carry other such "backup" weapons.
    Iowa Statute, Title 16, subtitle 1, chapter 724, 724.5 Duty to carry permit to carry weapons:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltcreek View Post
    I carried and used a nightstick and ASP for 25 years on the job. In Ohio you will quickly go to jail for having a collapsible baton. They classed in the same catagory as brass knuckles and nun-chucks. BAD advise. I don't know of any CCW permit anywhere that allows you to carry other such "backup" weapons.
    This sounds like advise from an armchair warrior who has made several bad "assumptions". My comments are not assumption because I have been to court many times where there are no assumption, only case law. "YouTube" is not accepted training,and often has bad advise. Where is your certified training? Also, once you engage in the hand to hand combat as you described, you are no longer defending yourself, but engaging in "Mutual Combat" and you will go to jail. Once you engage in doing "joint locks" you are no longer defending, or in fear of your safety under the law. Ohio law for instance, does not permit a civilian to use physical force to apprehend someone, even in a felony. A baton under Ohio law is defined as a "deadly weapon", so your excuse of less lethal force is mute. Virtually every one of your "assumpsions" has already been debunked in actual case law. I suggest studying actual law before guessing. Not trying to be mean, but street lawyer advice will get someone hurt or arrested. The TV show T.J. Hooker was just Hollywood.
    A baton is not against the law in the state of Ohio. It is not listed on the list and does not fit into the similar weapons.

    ORC 2923.20 Manufacture, possess for sale, sell, or furnish to any person other than a law enforcement agency for authorized use in police work, any brass knuckles, cestus, billy, blackjack, sandbag, switchblade knife, springblade knife, gravity knife, or similar weapon;
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    I'm a career cop and an Instructor-Trainer for Monadnock's baton systems and I don't carry one off duty. I would strongly advise that folks pass on this advice.

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