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    Quote Originally Posted by rjfleming View Post
    Get a good stout cane if you want a PC impact device, if anyone says anything just mention the Americans with Disabilities Act and that usually settles the cane issue.
    As someone who is disabled, and needs a cane (and a dog for that matter) I can't believe that you would actually tell someone to "carry" a cane and claim ADA. Maybe that's why some legislators want to chip away at the ADA and put more restrictions on it. This is an abuse just like the person who has their pet dog out and claims ADA, the law is for those of us who, oddly enough I know, NEED them. That said, utilizing a cane or walking stick, is time honored and you don't need to claim a disability to have it. A cane is useful for many situations, yes, including defense. That said, if you're in the right and using it for true defense without having looked for trouble, then stick to the truth and let the cards fall where they may. You may have some legal issues, but at least you're alive to fight them.
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  3. If you are going to use anything for self defense (hand to hand, striking implement, chemical spray or firearm) you had better know everything about using it! You had better know whether or not it would be legal to use where you are located or where you might be next. Most importantly, you better know how and when to use it! Train, train, train, practice, practice, practice! YOU are your defense, everything else is just a tool to use.

  4. May have missed it somewhere here, but are they illegal in Texas? Had a friend who had one and it makes sense to carry, just don't want to go to jail over it.

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    Unless you are LEO they are illegal in Texas a walking cane (hickory) with a heavy handle is not.

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    In Kentucky our ccdw covers firearms brass knuckles large hunting knives batons anything that can cause deadly force (which is silly because im sure anything could be used and be lethal)

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    I personally think the baton is a great idea I carry one though its 26" I use it when I need to and Know they come in handy for all kinds of things.
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    How useful is a baton for someone with no baton-specific training, just Arnis/Kali training? I've been thinking about getting a matched pair of 26" ASPs.
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    I bought a cheapy on Amazon for $27 shipped. 26", better than nothing. I need some non-lethal backup, I can think of instances off the top of my head in the past year it would have come in handy. I also just got in MACE 10% pepper gel with LED light for $21 delivered, amazon. The MACE I have in hand, tomorrow the baton should get here. It is legal to carry one in Wisconsin so long as you have a concealed weapons license, which I do have. I will practice with it, the trouble with that is finding a willing "partner" to get hit on. ha I realize the ASP is better, but as I said, it's better than nothing, worth it even if I only use it once ... they're pretty sturdy if you don't hit on the joint where it collapses.

    I'll be putting up review videos of this stuff on utube, I already put up the mace one.

    After much consideration, I feel a little better carrying something I may be able to use and not be required by law to have to report a 'happening' (such as if you so much as draw on someone, law states police should be called, even if justified).

    Only thing you have to consider, is if you are going armed with baton, mace AND 9mm, you need to use them in that order to some degree, otherwise a jury would tear you apart if you just went for the gun first off.

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    I've bent several of the cheap telescopic batons. If u trust your life to it, buy quality. Asp or monadnock

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