Understanding Violence
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Thread: Understanding Violence

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    Understanding Violence

    I don't pretend to be an expert on anything, except analysis of large scale computer mainframes. I scoured this site for some topics which I could not find much info.

    The topic is violence.

    When does it occur, how, why?

    Some years back in my quest for knowledge to help me decide if CCW was something I wanted to pursue, I did an awful lot of reading. Some books, newsletters, gun related organization, etc. I spent many hundreds of hours on this research.

    I've read lot's of blogs on the guns, which one, Glock vs XD, what caliber, how to carry, the gear, what happens if you shoot, hypothetical situations ans scenarios,etc.

    In fact, there were endless discussions on these topics which were mostly "stuff" or "what if" related. But the main component of why anyone would carry any type of concealed weapon was consistently missing... The subject of violence

    I am not going to reinvent the wheel here, and I'm not that bright on the subject. I'm sure there are many books I didn't buy and read that contain such info and you all have recommended them many times, but I wanted to share a website that I thought could be useful to the people who want a better understanding of why things might work the way they do in the realm of violence.

    I would like to recommend the No Nonsense Self Defense site. I have no connection to these people whatsoever, but I found the information there intriguing and integral to my decision to carry any type of weapon. It has changed the way I conduct my daily affairs. I hope you will find it useful as well.


    No Nonsense Self Defense - Reliable information for dangerous situations
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    From what I've read violence is random, in answer to your first question. I to, am no expert as I drive a truck after 18 yrs of burn out as a respiratory therapist. Anyway, violence can be concentrated in areas of low income and crowded conditions, but by-in-large it is random and can/does happen most everywhere. Would you agree with that?

    In regard to the site you recommend, I like it also and is in my 'fav's' now.

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    Little Black Book of Violence- pretty good book on the topic. I highly reccomend it.

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    Violence is hard to predict, that is why you carry a gun -- at all times! Even inside the house. Period. Just be aware of your surroundings before you even get off your vehicle or open your door to a stranger. Times are hard nowadays, with over 400,000 people out of work each month and counting...you will never know what is around the corner.

    Each one of us have and will have different experiences. No matter how many books you read and blogs you go to, it will not suffice what you are really looking for. What is really needed are not books, nor blogs...it is training, actual training and practice...situational awareness and practice.

    Be safe.
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  6. Just checked the site-I've seen it before; I guess it's time to re-visit.

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    Your comment "Violence is hard to predict, that is why you carry a gun -- at all times! Even inside the house. Period."

    That is so true, violence is hard to predict. I always carry my concealed carry weapon with me when I leave the house. On the other hand, I do not carry a weapon on me when I am home. I do have a weapon very close to me MOST of the time. I have one next to my recliner when in the living room and I have one next to me when I am sleeping. Carrying one on my person while at home seems to be a bit like overkill.

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    Yes, I believe there are random acts of violence. I also believe in premeditated violence. The one thing that the no nonsense site helped me with was a good portrayal of the different categories of violent groups of people, and the degree of danger they can pose. The Five Stages of Violent Crime section was responsible for me never being in condition white again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom View Post
    Violence is hard to predict, that is why you carry a gun -- at all times! Even inside the house.
    Me too. I don't drop my auto insurance after I park my car either. It's just a way of life now. Gun, wallet, keys.

  10. I'll look for that little black book.
    The good Col. had it right:

    "One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that 'violence begets violence.' I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure — and in some cases I have — that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy."
    -Jeff Cooper, "Cooper vs. Terrorism", Guns & Ammo Annual, 1975
    “The police of a State should never be stronger or better armed than the citizenry. An armed citizenry, willing to fight is the foundation of civil freedom.” Heinlein

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    That's a good site, thanks for the link.

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