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    Quote Originally Posted by rdm6680:232520
    Ok, so from what I am reading, I can carry a knife in a bar because it isn't a loaded firearm, and, I can also carry my pistol if unloaded in a bar.
    Short answer, yes.

  3. In karate with chase

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    The Arizona CCW is actually a CWP (concealed weapons permit) and it applies to any legal weapon including knives. With a CWP you can carry anything into a bar or a restaurant serving alcohol but you can't drink.

  5. They're right. A KY CCDW does allow you to carry a knife or other weapons. I carry an ASP baton a lot in crowded situations. I don't go to bars and such. I have always carried a knife, since I was about 10 years old, except at school. I figure it would only be a problem if you're doing something wrong to begin with.

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    Missouri's CCW permit allows the carry of knives, battons, saps, etc. Anything you are legally allowed to own. "Concealed Carry Weapon", it ia not CWP, as in other states that only allow pitols. Our permit also allows any type and number of pistols. Unlike other states that only allow one pistol and or the pistol that the permit was registered with. Our permit does not allow carry into bars, knives yes, guns no. It does how ever grant us leeway when carrying in places that don't permit, bars or other businesses posted for no carry. We will be asked to leave first, the second time we are trespassing. and it escalates from there.

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