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    New Stun Gun

    I saw a question on this already, sort of, that person was looking for a taser or stun gun. I am looking for simply a stun gun. I've googled them and seen them ranging from $35.00 to $75.00 all the way up to a few hundred.

    I'm looking for a very compact model, I've seen some about the size of a pager. They state 3-5 million volts. Do these even work? Am I wasting my money? I CC so this is just for those occasions in which I can't legally CC.

    I seriously doubt it will be on my person while I'm carrying a firearm.

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    Stay away from the ones advertising 3-5 million volts (total B.S.). Go to a reputable gun shop, or online with someone like Cabelas. The actual "Taser" company has a nice one that actually "shoots" like the police model for about $300. You can get one that doesn't shoot for a lot less, but that means you need to be in arms length.

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    I bought a 8.9 million volts stun gun off of ebay brand new for $35.00. When it arrived I had my wife try it out on me. After showing her how to use it. She placed the stun gun on my arm for about 3 seconds. I remained motionless for only 7 seconds. Granted sometimes that 7 seconds is all you need, but I thought it would of lasted longer. I do however keep the stun gun with my handgun next to the bed you can never be too safe.

  5. Michigan Law

    I wish we could have stun guns in Michigan. For whatever reason you can own firearms but not a stun gun. If I had a choice between one that shots or arms reach I would go for the model that shots. The price at Cabela's seems very reasonable at that.

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    I carry both my Primary pistol and a C-2 Taser. I will say this as a Firearms and Taser Instructor I would not want to be in a altercation to where I would have to be close enough to touch a devise to my perp. I like the Taser also as it will attack both muscular and Nervous system with electrical pulses. Yes they are $300 but worth every Pennie. As a matter of fact I have deployed and used my Taser a few times but have never broken the thumb snap on my pistol in defense and hope I never have to.

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