Knife: stainless vs. carbon steel
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Thread: Knife: stainless vs. carbon steel

  1. Knife: stainless vs. carbon steel

    I'm considering buying a folding knife, can anyone tell me the pros and cons of the different types of steel?

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    Carbon holds a better edge, but when it gets dull, it takes more work to get it honed again. Stainless is easier to sharpen, but doesn't hold an edge as long as the carbon. And the carbon has a tendency to discolor if it isn't attended too.
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    Carbon steel depends on the type is easier to sharpen. Stainless is usually harder.
    That's why alot of survival knives are 1095 carbon. Easy to sharpen. Depends on what you want with the knife?
    Many different knives for different used. Most knife buffs will use Carbon. If you use tool steel that would maybe hard to sharpen. But imo go to a knife forum for knives :)
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    Carbon steels are tougher than stainless steels, but require more care(oil) they are better for any type of outdoor working type knives. Stainless knives "stain less" and are good as kitchen knives or specialty uses.
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    OK you got a lot of misused words, and half truths being thrown around. Follow ironmike's advice and go to the knife forum, and take everything with a grain of salt. There are too many pseudo-experts that will claim one knife is supreme, or that their knowledge is impeachable.

    Quick run down:
    Carbon Steel: holds a keen edge, easy to sharpen, brittle, rusts.
    Stainless Steel: rust resistant, may not hold a keen edge, more difficult to sharpen.

    Now this is just a general synopsis, and there is a wide variety in the types of steel both carbon & S.S.
    Instead of worrying about the types of steel, look to a good name manufacturer e.g. Cold Steel, SOG.
    Be wary of some knives labeled: Winchester or Smith & Wesson, etc. They might be relatively low quality blades sold only on name recognition.

    Either type of blades would probably suit your general purpose, unless you are in a marine environment, or don't maintain your equipment. Then go with the S.S.
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    Esse knives life time warrenty. search them

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    I've had Benchmade, Kershaw and SOG's. All good quality knifes with good warranties. I've had both SS and Carbon steel blades and each has their purpose and each need different care and feeding to keep them healthy. Like Roguejesse stated, there are different steel mixes and strenghts. Check out this FAQ and see if it doesn't help Knife Steel FAQ

  9. Thanks all! Just what I needed. :)

  10. "Stainless" means rust resistant, not rustproof. There are hundreds of alloys of "stainless" steel, some good to great for knives, some worthless, some more rust resistant than others. Some stick to a magnet, some do not.

    There are hundreds of alloys of "carbon" steel, some good to great for knives, some worthless.

    For my EDC:

    The VG-10 blade of my Al Mar SERE2000 holds an edge well and is easy and worrry free to clean. VG-10 is a "cutlery grade stainless steel."

    My hand forged Ed Caffrey EBK-1 neck knife also holds an edge well, but the 1080 carbon steel blade has become darkened and discolored from handling kitchen chores and being cleaned. When I clean it, I am careful to make sure it is dry, or it will rust.

    The stainless of my Leatherman WAVE is worry-free when it comes to cleaning.

    The 440C of my 30 year old Bowen Survivor belt buckle/blade is a decent knife and has not rusted.

    I'm not going to take sides on the stainless vs carbon steel debate. Just buy quality.
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    Lol may I also add if you find a knife you like check the blade and if it has a pocket clip make sure they feel secure I spent 45 dollars on a s&w m&p knife the belt clip fell off within 2 weeks the blade is still holding strong but the spring in it is starting to malfunction I love the knife so I sent it back in to smith to replace

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