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Thread: Bean Bag ammo...?

  1. Bean Bag ammo...?

    Is bean bag ammo (for shotguns) a good idea for civilian home defense? I have a 5-shot Mossberg, and I'd like to make the first 2 rounds bean bags, and the last 3 bird shot.

    Is this a good idea, or am I failing to consider something legal?

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    Why bean bags??

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    I have 00 buckshot in my home defense shotgun

  5. Not good.
    If you shoot to injure than your life was NOT in danger.
    In defensive shooting you must feel your life was in danger.

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    At typical engagement distances within a home, the bean bag round has an excellent chance of being lethal. You also have to factor in the equation the aggressor's level of pain tolerance, something that adrenaline or drugs can increase markedly. If you are presented in with a threat in your own home, and it requires a firearm to resolve, wouldn't you want to resolve it in a manner that ensures the safety of yourself and your family?

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    bean bags?

    no offense or disrespect meant, but if someone is breaking into my home, i consider it a threat against my life and my family's life. Bean bags? uh THAT WOULD BE A NO. Use I have 3 pistols and a shot gun...first thing im reaching for is my Glock .45 complete with a set of 13 hollow points (not rubber bullets)in the clip and one in the pipe and i wont have a problem emptying the clip into someone that breaks into my home.

    so what you are saying to the intruder...i know you are hear to rob me, rape my wife, and possibly hurt my children, but i really don't want to kill you because of that so I'll shoot you with bean bags and when you wake up and get out of jail you can come over and try your luck again. Really? like the guys on ESPN Sunday football countdown say....C'MON MAN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renfield View Post
    Is bean bag ammo (for shotguns) a good idea for civilian home defense? I have a 5-shot Mossberg, and I'd like to make the first 2 rounds bean bags, and the last 3 bird shot.

    Is this a good idea, or am I failing to consider something legal?
    Bird shot? Seriously? Anytime you're gonna use a firearm for "home defense", it will be considered "lethal force" regardless of what you have the shotgun loaded with (or even if it's not loaded). Being that one of the cardinal rules of firearms safety is "Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.", one would be safe to assume that ANY gun aimed at them is real and loaded. With that said, why take chances that the BG will overpower you and use your shotgun against you and your family? Load your firearms with the appropriate ammunition for the purpose you're using it. If you're hunting birds, then bird shot is an excellent choice. For home defense, you would want to use 00 or 000 buck shot. Slugs are another option, however may result in over penetration depending on the construction and layout of your home.

    If you haven't done so already, take the appropriate firearms courses (basic, personal defense, etc.). Keep in mind that not all courses are offered by the NRA. Many non-NRA courses are excellent for their intended purposes. What you don't want to do is believe a bunch of stuff you've read on the internet. Consider the source and seriously evaluate what you are reading. I've seen a lot of very BAD info posted in various places online.
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    If you feel taking a life is something you do not wish to do, that is fine as long as that is your decision. Someone breaking into your home, as has been stated, is threat enough for using deadly force. Seeing as you decided against deadly force for a reason, I would suggest using a method you feel comfortable with that has the best chances of incapacitation (just remember all these weapons are less lethal, not non lethal).

    Talk with a self defense attorney, instructors, and other like minded individuals, and YOU decide what will work best for you, and what your defense will be like if you have to go to court over your actions.

    If you have no problem going lethal, I would suggest going lethal immediately.

    Less lethal: tazer, baton, bean bags, large pick.

    Lethal: 00 buck if you aren't worried about negligent misses. 04 buck if you don't want to completely penetrate walls (apartment or kids in other rooms). Slugs for anything over 30 yards away (subject to change depending on equipment, doubtful that civilians will be making that shot, but not out of the realm of possibilities)
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    Nothing legal just common sense.You shouldn't fire unless you are in danger of death or serious harm. At that point you should stop the threat which bean bag or bird shot may not be effective at doing. Use a round that will end the threat which to my mind would be buckshot.

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    If you have moral beliefs that prevent you from taking a life, then you are well suited using bean bags rounds and birdshot.

    If you do not have beliefs that prevent you from taking a life, bean bag rounds and birdshot probably aren't your best bet. They'll hurt like hell, but unless used at very close distances, not lethal.
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