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    It seems most the manufacturers are using soft Chinese Stainless in their inexpensive low end knives. While cheep stainless is less prone to discolor and easy to sharpen it doesn't hold an edge dulling quickly with mild use. If you're on a budget looking for a decent EDC knife look for knives using AUS 8 (Japanese) stainless in the blade, such as the SOG Flash II (assembled in the USA). Or 14C28N Sandvik stainless (Sweden) used in the Kershaw Blackout (Made in the USA). If you're looking for the best quality steels look for CM 154, S30V and D2 Steels. Such as the Benchmade Griptilian 551 made in the USA with American CM 154 Stainless.

    Emerson's knives are made in the USA using CM 154 (American steel). My EDC is an Emerson CQC 11

    I've carried a CRKT M16-13T for 5 or so years now. Really like it. Blade holds an edge well, handle is 'self healing' titanium, so it doesn't show scratches, and the Carson flip opener is really handy for one handed operation. Made in Taiwan unfortunately, but it is AUS8 steel and has Teflon washers on the pivot point for a smooth deployment and a liner lock. Got my dad an M16-13Z for his birthday a few years back which is the same blade but has Zytel handles and is about half the cost.

    Columbia River M16-13T CRKT M16-13T Titanium Handle Combo Edge Knife

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    Whats your Favorite Knife

    I have several knives. My general purpose is a CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) M-16z. Great knife to beat up and still takes more of it. Need to sharpen regularly, but that's my fault, I de-tempered the blade accidentally but for around $30.00 can't go wrong.
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    I have a Smith & Wesson "SWAT".

    It goes with me everywhere anytime I leave the safety of my home.

    Us it mostly as a letter opener though, box opener, to cut off the heads of rattlesnakes, and for CQB self defense in bar fights.
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    I love my sog trident

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    I have a bucklehead knife, got it about 3 weeks ago...I love it!

    100% USA made, legal in all 50 states, fast & convenient.

    I dropped the extra coin & had it hand engraved, added the fire starter & sharpener too.

    heres a link if anyone is interested..
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    Whatever knife is in my pocket when I need it automatically becomes my favorite knife. I carry a knife every day, and vary which one I carry. Most often I probably carry a folding slip joint knife I made myself.

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    I carry a gerber multitool every day and a Craftsman lock blade that looks very much like a buck 110 but only costs half as much
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    I carry a Kabar TDI in a Mag Pouch/Sheath by Dale Fricke strictly for retention/backup and a Swiss Army knife to open packages, mail. & ETC.

  10. Benchmade Griptilian. It's a little smaller than I would like, but it's fast, light, and razor sharp. I'd love a 6" model, but they don't make them.

  11. A CRKT M21-04 (the smooth edged big brother of their M16 series) or a SOG Pentagon II is in my off side pocket every day. If I'm in a state where automatics are legal, they get set to the side and I carry my Benchmade AFO. The strong side front pocket carries one of 3 little knives- a stag scale Case Barlow, a stag scaled Bear Mfg. 2 blade trapper or a SOG Twitch II. (I really like the Twitch II but I'm left handed and you can't reverse the pocket clip on it.) Every once in a while I break out my Benchmade Mel Perdue and carry it in my strong side front pocket but not too often because I worry about losing it since it's has carbon fiber scales and weighs next to nothing. It's so light that I figure I'll lose it and not realize it's gone.

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