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Thread: Whats your Favorite Knife

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    I generally prefer buck knives and surgical blades. They are the best in my opinion as you can use them for different kinds of things. They are with very good sharpness and apart from that they are handy.

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    I've gotten hooked on my Spyderco Tenacious. My Kershaw has not been unpacked since my move, but I'm not missing it!


  4. zero tolerance zt200

    very very sturdy knife.

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    Gerber LMF II. Why?.... Because I can. :)
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    Everyday around the house is my gerbergator (somewhere with some tools in the garage right now) or my smaller all stainless gerber, buck knife stays with the hunting gear, but work (use to carry it every day now I dont since I took a new job with a school district) I have my cheap 1$ walmart knife. Its a work knife if I nick the blade, bend it (has happen many times at my old job), break it (handle or blade) or just lose it, meh it was a dollar go get another. I have damaged and lost/had stolen many expensive knives and have givin up carrying one with me.
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    Original Leatherman I never leave home without it! I still carry the first one I ever owned and it is so loose it could be kused as abutterfly knife. I own anolther but have not used it yet I'm waiting for the first one to break or get lost, which may happen soon as the case is worn completly out

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    My favorite knife depends on what I am doing at the moment. Elk hunting? Buck blade changer, light and versatile and sadly no longer made. EDC? Currently I have a Kershaw Blur 1670 made of S30V steel. I also like my Gerber F.A.S.T. and a couple of smaller Kershaws. A guy has GOT to accessorize.

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    Go to Bladeforums.com for all the knife info you could possibly need.
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    I recently purchased a Spyderco Manix 2

    Very nice
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