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Thread: Whats your Favorite Knife

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    I don't know that I have a "favorite" but this is what I carry most
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    Mine has a cream colored handle. It is not a weapon/knife. It is a "rescue tool".
    I did a lot of research for quality and price. Check out the specs. on blade thickness.
    I found an online dealer that saved me something like 60 bucks.


    This is more helpful. This is where I got it from.

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    I carry two, my benchmade nimravus II, which is there purely for sd and rarely gets used, and I have a small Gerber fixed blade that I took the original rubber handles off of and cord wrapped. The Gerber functions as a multi tool and has been through hell and back and is used daily. The benchmade however IMO is knife perfection, the balance and feel are incredible and the 154-cm crucible steel is tough as hell and holds a damn good edge.
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    Google "United Cutlery" - you won't be disappointed.
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    My EDC knife has differed allot since I've been old enough to carry one but I always come back to my Buck 110. It's a great general purpose knife, very durable, sharpens up very well and it's got that classic look. But most importantly, its Made in the USA.
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    It depends on what I'm doing as to "favorite". For daily carry - Schrade, Swiss Army, Leatherman.

    US Made knives (not limited to) .
    Buck knives
    Cold Steel
    Leatherman (Portland, OR)
    Rick Hinderer Knives
    Schrade - the ones I own were US made
    Spyderco (nice and sharp, some with serrated blades)

    Good knives not made in the US (ones I know personally):
    Boker - I have some of these. Ceramic blades. Lightweight, razor sharp.
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  8. It depends on which knife I have in my hands at the time!
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    I prefer the Butter Knife, especially with a large plate of hot, Homemade Biscuits !

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    My girlfriend got me one of these in 9" as a gift recently. It cuts like a dream.

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    l love RDW custom bowie knifes.Old style Gerber BMF's and LMF's are very nice too.

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