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Thread: cattle prod?

  1. cattle prod?

    any good for self defense?

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    Let's see...a cattle prod against a person with a gun. What do you think? Couple problems with a cattle prod..1) you have to get real close to use it, 2) a person with an edged weapon or a gun can easily still get you, 3) if by chance you kill someone with a cattle prod, you'll probably be ate alive in a civil suit for using it.
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    Anyone who has ever been attacked by a cow please respond to this thread ASAP...Lives may be on the line.

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    Have you ever been poked with a cattle prod? Not an experience you will soon forget. Probably not as bad as a Taser, but definitely gets your attention .

  6. My cousins and I would play with them as kids on grandpas farm. The Will get your attention and probably piss you off. Doubt it would keep me from shooting you though.

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    not a good defense if the attackers are high on drugs or alcohol or both.
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