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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Products.US View Post
    Well, I really don't want to kill anyone but I will defend and kill if necessary. I have found an alternative to the immediate death blow.

    Lightfield has the "Zombie Blaster", "Double Ball", "Rubber Slug", "HV Star", and "Rubber Buckshot" - All could be leathal if hit in the right location - Head, Heart, Inner thigh.

    However, it really packs a hit that will really bruise and blinding pain to the point of incapacitation.

    I have my shotgun loaded with 3 of these rounds and that should prevail - rendering the attacker helpless - But if not the 4th is lead to kill.

    It is a good home defense and may also prevent an accidental death of a "friend".
    I read several replies and I agree with probably the majority of them. If I am in my home and it is invaded in some fashion and I am prepared enough to reach my firearms for defense due to imminent danger/Castle Doctrine, I am going with the most lethal weapon I have with the most lethal cartridges I have and I am aiming center mass. Enough talk already in other threads about "stopping the threat"--this is legal wordsmithing. I have my defense and it is absolutely what I want to do; my firearms and cartridges are not rubber doughboys of any kind and they will surely stop a threat and stop "future" threats from a BG as long as I aim centermass.

  2. Air soft shotgun maybe? They are still as intimidating but are not lethal at all. That would be my advice, at least. Could definitely prevent a few accidents.

  3. Zombie blaster? what is this?

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