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    Sabre Red pepper spray is pretty good also. I had to use it on a dog across the road from were I live, and it stopped him in his tracks. From that day on when ever that dog sees me, he wont come any were near me.

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    I never got to use it but was forced to by policy carry OC for many years. We had to do all the practice drills at least a couple times a year. One thing I can tell you is that those stream sprays are not easy to hit your target with. Personally I much prefer the old mace spray types from back in the 70's. It wasn't as immediately effective but when you sprayed it you surely hit something. To anybody using this newer stream stuff I would urge you to get some of the inert practice spray and try it on someone more than a couple times. After that pull it out every year or less and practice again.
    Hitting someone in the eyes with that stream isn't simple period so for best result don't ever threaten an assailant with it. Just spray him and move and hit him a couple more times. Sure it is a nice threat for a cop telling some drunk to get out of a car so he and a couple other guys don't have to drag him out but not for some guy getting ready to get mugged. This stuff is best suited to ambush and when you use it you jump, run move real quick to the side and hopefully away to create distance. Remember well. if you stay put he can still grab you and beat hell out of you. He can hear too and you never really know how much or well you hit him in the eyes and nose. He also may have gotten it before and knew enough to block it or turn his head which is another reason why I like the old SPRAY type. Either way either one consider it just something to buy you time to run away.
    CBP always considered it a soft tactic. Passive meaning like restraints and holds. We trained a lot on when not to use it, the usual children and the other time. That's when there is any hint of any weapon. The minute a knife or gun was seen we just grabbed our rubber Sig. period no questions. It's pretty good training because it's easy to keep thinking along that same course of action rather than change degrees of force up or down as needed. Of course it is nothing any civilian should have to deal with so keep it simple, shoot and scoot and whatever you do don't stick around to help the criminal. He might have friends, a knife or a plan, just skedaddle. He isn't going to die.
    I really can't say enough about practice with this stuff. Get yourself an inert can and a buddy with a pair of shop safety glasses and have at each other. I can guarantee you won't do nearly as well the first time as you think. It really is fun and will give you or yours the practice they will need if the day ever comes.

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    Thanks for the info. I was not aware of that.

    Concerning the training... there isn't much to it. Don't point into the wind, shield your eyes, shake the canister before going on duty, etc. etc. Most of it is common sense (yes, I realize it isn't very common now a days). I didn't mean to downplay that one shouldn't train at all, but that their isn't much to using it properly. "Stupid" was a poor choice of words on my part. Thanks for correcting me.
    Just an FYI, shaking the can isn't necessary any more with modern formulations. It's generally taught that way because the guy doing the training was trained by a guy who shook the can, because he was trained by a guy who shook the can, who was trained by a guy who shook the can.

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