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    Pepper Spray

    I live in the Twin Cities in MN and want to find the best pepper spray and where to get it around here. I want to get it for my daughter for when she is running. She does not want to carry a gun while she is running.

    I would be thankful for any help I can get.

  3. go to Girls with Guns. she has some great gear for carrying when running.

  4. Check out this option from Kimber:
    PepperBlaster II

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    Fox Labs 2 oz, from

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickB View Post
    Check out this option from Kimber:
    PepperBlaster II
    My wife often carries this.
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  7. Another +1 for the Kimber PepperBlaster II here!

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    I use Fox Labs streaming pepper spray.
    google it, it is available from many sources

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    Has anyone here tested these out? I was looking in to getting some, but I had one (only one, but a reliable source - she taught women's self defense/victim proof woman very well) who recommended against pepper spray. It was her experience that some people are immune to the stuff, and on relatively windy days it might miss or incapacitate you instead. In her estimation, it wasn't worth the risk... she preferred a tactical pen because although it's only good at extremely close range, it's reliable. I still think pepper spray would be a good addition... any thoughts? Is it more reliable than she thinks?
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    Kimber pepper blaster.

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    Find anything that has 10% Oleoresin Capsicum. That is what LE uses and I have been sprayed with it. It was the worst 30-40 minutes I have ever endured and I had guys with water and baby shampoo immediately treating me. I would also recommend the stream dispenser rather than the cone. The cone has a tendency to drift back into the user's face. Not good.

    As far as brand, it doesn't matter if you have the right mix inside.
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