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    Walking cane

    I'm traveling outside the continental US this September for the first and probably only time in my life. Of course it's just on the heels of the current travel warning. And, I'm going to a middle east country. At least I think it is...Turkey.

    I've traveled very little on planes so am unsure about what I can take on with me. I'm sure my Gerber boot knife won't be allowed. I've been thinking about a walking cane. A nice sturdy hardwood one not so prone to breakage.

    Has anyone here ever traveled with a cane? Ever thought of using one for defense? I don't even know what questions to ask about one.

    Any help and suggestions will be appreciated. IN the mean time I will be brushing up on my middle eastern training by watching all the "Bond" movies and the current "Taken" series. Will be training on running on rooftops.

    Thanks in advance!
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    google city stick

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    How about a tactical pen? Very close range only, sure, but better than nothing. It's what I had when I traveled to California... Airport security didn't even notice it.

    Good luck with those rooftops!

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    I use a black locust cane, bought at a farm store. Canes are used for herding animals, and they must be made of a real hard wood for that purpose. Black locust is right up there with hickory and oak in the hardness scale. So with all the years I had of baton training, it is a great defensive weapon. The best part is, no one would ever guess.

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    Since I use one everyday, I can recommend the T handle model from American Cane. Chris custom makes them to the height you need, and has a tremendous selection of wood available. Most security points will ask if you need the cane to walk, and most will look it over, but I've never had a problem passing through one. And you can take it on a plane and not check it as baggage. Rock maple and a walnut handle makes a good looking stick. And the design makes it familiar to anyone that has ever had any baton training.

  8. Thanks guys! I've been trying to makeup the gourd here as well as to what to get!

  9. a Oak walking stick with a brass holding knob will be very effective...........

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    I walk with a cane everyday now. I've got a real beauty of Oak with a Stag grip that was a gift. Wouldn't want to use it to cold cock someone, could possibly break. If I were traveling as you are, I would definitely be walking with the standard metal cane purchased at any drug store or medical supply for around $20.00 that you could beat the snot out of someone without the fear of it breaking.
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    My cousin uses a metal cane. It's really heavy-duty and probably better than wood.

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