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    Companies like Streamlight make a good light, but there are decent lights at Home Depot and Lowes, now.

    You can get the same candlepower and size for 30$ or less...

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    Yup the new LED's are super bright and very small.

    I use a cigar-carry with my mini flashlight together with my pistol.

    The technical name for this grip is the Rogers' grip.

    Bill Rogers was an FBI firearms instructor. He must have enjoyed fine cigars too.

  4. OP, yes flashlights are good. I use Surefire 600 to 900 lumens. Not big ones, just pocket size. I also like cl 4 lasers. Combine it with nitrogen powered pepper spray and you may have something. You can blind them then gas them. The Surefires are also good for temple blows if it calls for it.

  5. I recently purchased from my local gun shop the latest Ledlenser MT18, delivering 3000 lumens. This flashlight is very powerful and produces extremely bright light. It has three levels of brightness and is easy to focus. In its highest setting, the light is so strong that you can feel pressure and heat on your skin. Impeccable German engineering.

    The LED Lenser MT18 is a compact, super powerful rechargeable torch that can produce a maximum output of 3000 lumens from three Xtreme white LEDs.
    Powered by a triangular rechargeable battery pack that consists of three 18650 3400 mAh lithium-ion cells, bundled together to for the ultimate power source with a 10200 mAh capacity in total, the MT18 has a run-time of up to 5 hours on the highest setting (down to 1 lumen).
    The battery pack is charged inside the torch via the charging port on the neck of the torch. Lift the dust cover to reveal the charging port and then plug in either the mains adaptor to charge via the wall or the USB cable to charge via a computer/laptop or via car with a suitable USB car adaptor (not included). The charging indicator in the switch will go red to show charging is in progress and turn green once charging is complete.
    The MT18 offers three brightness settings and strobe, which are available in three pre-set selectable modes. The torch is factory set to mode 1, which cycles through in the order of high, mid, low and off with each press. Mode 2 cycles through the settings in the opposite direction of low, mid, high and off. Finally mode 3 cycles through the brightness settings the same as mode 1, except when the torch is on in any mode, you can press and hold the button to activate the strobe setting.
    Switching between modes is simple and is done by holding down the button while the torch is off. While holding the button the light will blink once to indicated mode 1 after 10 seconds, blink twice to indicate mode 2 after 13 seconds and blink three times to indicate mode 3 after 16 seconds. Once you have reached the setting you desire, release the button and the light will stay in this mode until you change it again.
    The MT18 also features a lock out mode to prevent accidental activation when not in use and can be activated the same way as changing modes, except you hold the button for 19 seconds until the light blinks four times. To come out of lock out mode, hold the button for 5 seconds until the light blinks once.
    An integrated power indicator in the switch of the torch indicates remaining battery power by displaying a green, yellow or red light. This will automatically happen when you insert the batteries or you can access it any time by holding the button for two seconds while the torch is off.
    The advanced focus system allows you to focus the light from spot to flood by sliding the head of the torch forwards and backwards. On the highest setting when focused into a spot, with a fully charged battery, the MT18 can throw the beam up to 540 metres range.
    Product Information
    Three brightness settings and strobe
    Three selectable modes
    Lock out function
    Built-in battery power indicator
    Operational Modes
    Low: 30 lumens; 96 hours run-time; 80 m beam range
    Mid: 600 lumens; 9 hours run-time; 260 m beam range
    High: 3000 lumens; 5 hours run-time; 540 m beam range
    The above parameters are tested in lab conditions using the included battery pack with energy saving mode (down to 1 lumen) and data may vary between torch, batteries, environment and individual usage habits.

    Technical Details
    Type: Hand-held rechargeable torch
    Operating Modes: Low / Mid / High / Strobe
    Luminous Flux: Up to 3000 lumens
    Lamp: 3 x Xtreme LEDs
    Beam Range: Up to 540 m
    Run Time: Up to 96 hours on low setting (down to 1 lumen)
    Charge Time: 8 hours approx.
    Focus: One handed speed focus; spot to flood
    Optics: Advanced focus system
    Batteries Required: 1 x lithium-ion battery pack (included)
    Overall Length: 171 mm
    Head Diameter: 86 mm
    Weight: 620 grams (including battery)
    Body Colour: Black
    Body Material: Aircraft grade aluminium
    Electrical Contacts: Gold plated contacts
    Switch Type: Side push button
    Environmental: Water resistant to IPX4 standard
    Warranty: 5 years
    Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

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  6. I was confused on what type of flashlight to buy. Not going to lie I was gong to stick to the old fashioned flashlights. But I was lucky I got my hands on the Streamlight Nightfighter instead!

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    I donít have anything against Streamlight or any other comparable brand of flashlight to that but my flashlights consist of my MagCharger rechargeable LED flashlight I keep in the garage thatís super bright, my rechargeable MagTac LED tactical flashlight that stays on my nightstand next to my pistol, my regular 3-volt battery powered MagTac LED tactical flashlight that stays in my out of town bag for work, my ultra-bright LED Streamlight headband flashlight, my Bushnell USB-rechargeable LED flashlight that stays in my pickup and my Streamlight ProTac USB rechargeable LED flashlight for my work truck.

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