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    My wife and I teach concealed carry and introduce the flashlight stun gun to our students as a less leathal alternative to discharging a firearm. The one we use is 4.5 million volts and 200 lumens for the working flashlight. They are cheap and work well.

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    Yes - they are very affordable and they pack quite a punch. We have about five different versions of them here: Stun Gun Flashlights.

    Be sure to look at the new "Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight." The probes are hidden from view and it really looks like a normal flashlight. Great for security guards and also like you said - an initial deterrent for those that concealed carry.
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  4. I carry one as well. I do a lot of night photography alone so the stun flashlight accompanies me alone with my P229.

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    I work as a security guard on weekends, and I carry one of these. The Vipertek VTS T03, to be exact. Getting a 2 for the price of 1 means I have one less thing to carry on my duty belt.

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  6. The VTS T03 is my favorite stun gun! Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a less-lethal option. I carry it around especially when I go out walking in the night (bit if a night-hike kinda guy).

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