Less than lethal but might still hurt a bit
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Thread: Less than lethal but might still hurt a bit

  1. Less than lethal but might still hurt a bit


    Wonder how many it holds?

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    That's pretty cool!
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  4. Wow. I'm not sure if that is impressive or just insane. It would probably slow someone down for a second, but I hope that's not the guy's only line of defense.

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    That was an automatic elastomer dispensing device!
    Is that thing registered with the ATF?!
    Less than lethal but might still hurt a bit

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    Would have been fun in High School study hall. But for home defense, NOT!

  7. We used to have some of these elaborate rigs in the cubical city at one computer company. I just had a six shooter, but there was one guy with one of these gatling gun type things. It took him a long time to reload it for his 30 seconds of fun.

  8. When I go overseas (any place out of the US) I always carry a boot sock with a bar of Ivory Soap stuck in it. Push it down to the toe and tie it down tight so it doesn't slip around. You can beat the living [email protected]@ out of someone without killing him (or her). Tuck it down in our waist with the end sticking out a little so you can grab it.
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    I'm not sure if JoergSprave made the weapon or the video in the OP, but he makes some pretty danged awesome weapons that work on "rubber power." I know he's made some Gattling gun-type of "slingshots," but a quick look at his videos didn't show that particular one. He has made tens of thousands of videos and "slingshots" though, so it might be in there somewhere.

    Dude is funny as all get-out (to me anyway). One of his more "important" contributions to the human race was his "Candies For The Butt" slingshot, a cross between a Medieval torture device and modern-day medical device for "injecting" suppositories for whatever reason one might need to inject them. This video would be safe for work or most other environments I would think. The strongest language is the word "ass," and that even gets by the auto-censor on this site. His laugh is kinda evil-sounding though, so you may want to turn down the volume or put on some buds.

    If you watched that all the way through you saw reference to a group in Austria who, after some expressed trepidation, accepted Joerg's challenge to test the device on humans. That video would likely not be safe for most work environments, so just click on this and enjoy (if you like "Jackass" types of stunts, that is).

    You're welcome! LOL

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