Piexon Introduces New 4 Shot Pepper Guns
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Thread: Piexon Introduces New 4 Shot Pepper Guns

  1. Piexon Introduces New 4 Shot Pepper Guns

    JPX Police Supply has introduced 2 new 4 Shot Pepper guns manufactured by Piexon of Switzerland. These new guns are in addition to the original 2 shot pepper guns that have been around since 2009.

    The new guns come in 2 different models. There is a 4 shot LE model that offers a full-sized grip with a laser and light mount. This pepper gun weighs in at a touch over one pound fully loaded. It fires liquid pepper 23 feet at 405 MPH from the nozzle. This gives everyone that doesn't want to carry a live firearm outside the home another option for self-defense. Picture having the ability to unload 4 separate cans of pepper spray at your assailant in under 5 seconds.

    Piexon Introduces New 4 Shot Pepper Guns-jpx4.jpgPiexon Introduces New 4 Shot Pepper Guns-jpx4-compact.jpeg

    The gun also comes in a Compact model with a shorter grip and no laser. For additional information on the JPX 4 Pepper guns, you can visit JPX Police Supply.

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    All kinds of cool stuff out there!

  4. I currently own Kimber's 2 shot pepper gun with only a 10' range. I'll definitely look at these.

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