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Thread: I can't find the introductions forum

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    Introduction - I'm a newbie!

    Hello there, looks like I found a place to post my introduction. Thanks to those who came before for creating it.

    I'm new to usa carry, new to self-defensive thinking, preparation, and action, new to everything. I live in South Florida, went to my first ever gun show today (what an experience!!), and being a woman will likely find myself most interested in and active in the women-oriented areas of this forum, although of course I will not limit myself to that.

    Anyway, hoping to get to know you all and get some help, share some knowledge (someday, when I have some... that's related to ccw or the 2nd amendment) and just in general have a carry community that I can belong to.

    Looking forward to it!


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    Tampa by way of MIAMI!!!!
    So I guess the thing is the new guys can't find the intro forum so we post here?

    (me) Hi I'm a new guy..........

    (you guys) Hi new guy!

    (me) I've been carrying for about 15 years now.......

    (you guys) Wow, thats been a while......

    (me) I just finally decided to start doing it right.....

    (you guys) GROAN! What the hell took you so long?


    Hey I'm trying guys! lol

    Here from Florida, I think it's obvious what I do for a living.....

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    Hi Guys/Gals, I am a newby, live in GA, married, Retired from the US Army, and I have carried forever but the last 5 years I guess you could say, I was LEGAL with my PERMIT!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to hearing new ideas, suggestions, and meeting you good folks on this site. My best to you all. Sarge

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    Welcome to all newbies. Hope you enjoy it here.

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    Hello everyone, I couldn't find the introductions either, but looks like I'm in good company. Look forward to some good ideas and information.

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    Hi John, where do you live in SC? My brother lives in Lexington. I am new here too, but looks like a super web site to get some good info from. Take care and hope to hear from ya soon. Sarge

  8. I could not find the introduction forum either. I have been a permit holder for over ten years.

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    I'm new too. there I did it. now maybe the notice will go away.
    I agree, 'Tis a nice site.

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    Greetings from the "Tundra" of MN ! New to the site & wanted to say hello!

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    Hi my namis is Bree and I just joined the forums today...a little about me I am from Michigan and I am currently employed as a Fugitive Recovery Agent with U.S. Bail and Fugitive Enforcement of Minneapolis MN, I realize this profession has a somewhat of a checkered reputation but I work for a solid agency that prides itself in being a pro at all times and we strive to build good working relationships with local, State and Federal agencies to enable us to do our jobs successfully.

    I currently work and live in Michigan and handle all of my agency's out of state cases and I just recieved my CCW from Macomb County Gun Board on February 17th, whcih makes doing my job a lot simplier especially while driving, it was a real pain my ass having to lock my gun in the trunk and my ammo in the glove box everytime I had to go anywhere while in the performance of my duties.

    Being a woman in this job I hated not having immediate access to my weapon God forbid I was put in a position of having to defend myself in my job, which I hope and pray I never ever must do. In short I just wanted to say hi.

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