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Thread: I can't find the introductions forum

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    Good Gun for ya

    Nidaho Bill, what you want is a Glock 22, it will run between $450 and $500, and the darned thing is practically indestructible with a precision accuracy that is all you will want. It has two 15 round magazines that come with it and I'd recommend a CCW (concealed carry course) Get the night sights as soon as you can they are a must.

    This Glock 22 comes in a new caliber called 40S&W and is between the enemic 9mm and the practical 45, it will knock them down not just make them mad.If you have your heart set on a 22LR shell you can buy a kit to convert it. It has a new slide and barrel and magazines for another $200.00 or so. To change over takes about 30 seconds if you're slow.

    Now I'd like to say "Hi" to everyone, and admit I was unable to find the official Newbie forum too so I found a smart woman and followed her here. I will try to come here often. If you don't know about Oath Keepers I suggest going there too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsecrist View Post
    Hello Sarge45,
    I must have written it wrong, which is just like me! I live in GA now, I moved from Fayetteville NC to, guess where?, Fayetteville GA! I haven't been to Dallas but I know sort of where it is. Thanks for the welcome, God Bless You for your service to our country and thanks for the prayers. I will be reading a lot from here, maybe not commenting too much :~)
    Take care also!
    Hey jsecrist, you're not out of luck yet!!! You can move on over to Fayetteville, Arkansas and be almost next door to Dallas.

  4. Hi, new to the site, it's good to see I am not the only one who had a problem finding the introductions forum. Anyway, glad to be a part of the community.

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    Smile Evenin', Folks

    Newbie here. Been following on Twitter. Finally signed up. More lurker than commenter.

    Got my first subscription to Guns & Ammo in 1972. Spent a lot more time reading about shooting than I ever spent shooting.

    Hoping to learn here and contribute what I can

  6. Smile Hi

    Hi all I just joined up today and so far this looks like a very interesting site. I look forward to joining discussions and learning new things from other members. So once again hi and I am glad to be here. wlf94rt

  7. Hello all, Just joined this evening . Excellent site !Looking forward to joining discussions and sharing and learning from all fellow firearms enthusiasts !

  8. I am a new member as of 2:30 pm est 4/22/10. I am currently living in michigan. I am only 20 years old yet i am looking forward to being able to carry a firearm in january when i turn 21. I will be going through a class for a CCW and applying for my permit in november so as to recieve my permit in january as i turn 21. My father owns a a bail bonds recovery business among other things. I support the computers. I am a college student getting a degree in Applied technology with a focus in computer networking.

    i found this site when i looked up open carry in michigan after i visited the state police post in my area and they told me about open carry.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Hello and welcome to all. Hope you enjoy the site.

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    New Member

    Hello to all!

    I'm a new member from Central Arkansas. I'm an over the road truck driver and I have concealed carry permits from my home state and Utah. I've been a gun owner for about a year and I have a bad gun buying habit! My favorite carry pistol is a SA XD-9sc. I'm looking forward to the discussions on the site!

    Chaz Murray
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Welcome from NW Florida!

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