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  1. Hi to all. This is my first post. I live in Idaho and have had a CCW permit for 15 years or more. I now have gotten my wife involved in shooting and protection. We received our Utah permits today. It gives us a few more states to carry in. We got them mainly to be legal in Washington State. I hope the notice goes away now.

  3. Hi Introductions I guess

    Hello was not real sure where the introduction was so per
    the ones I read this will DO!

    So new to the site and was told about it because i wanted to travel to AZ and
    needed to know if I could use my WA state Con. weapons perm. found out I coud
    if I went a diff way!

    So how is everyone out there? I have never done fourms so let me know what is up.
    I am going with it is like emailing? yes no ?

  4. Hi I'm new also

    Hi all.
    I'm new to this group also.
    I live in west Ga. carry a P95 Ruger and I am a retiree.

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    Hey everyone. I did a couple tours in the Army, getting out an E-5. Pretty much just seeing how the other half lives, as I'm chaotic (or creative)/ex-Metal Crowd and so on. I did seven months Iraq, a couple of tours in Korea and was stationed at the Pentagon at 911, but off that day on a compensation day for having worked a holiday, would you believe? Whew, huh? Quite a tour, so very satisfying memories. Glad to be out, but it's good to have done it. Peace!
    'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, we...' Henry V -Shakespeare

  6. Mugan

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    I don't know if I am posting this properly. Hopefully this is the introductions forum; if so, greetings. amstaff

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    New in Chicago

    recently joined! NEWBIE. Have a PA CCW and Waiting on a NH CCW. Are there any others that I can get that dont require prints? I dont mind getting printed and have nothing to hide its just that getting printed in Chicago is a PITA! With these 2 permits, I believe Im good in 26 states. Please correct me if im wrong and please provide info on other states that issue out of state licenses w/o prints.
    Last question i promise

    it the 40 Armed Security Class and Requalification papers sufficient to satisfy these states that want "training"? Ive carried for over 20 years (armed guard)

    And no i didnt apply for the NJ CCW and I would advise against it since they have a high rejection rate and that could work against you in future attempts to get other CCW permits.
    (sneeky arent they?)


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    But wait theres more!

    The reason I want a lot of permits is to prove to the Mayor of Chicago that since other states allow carry why dont you? Uphill battle i know but I have to for the 2A!

    I would really appreciate any help in my above questions:

    A> What other states issue out of state CCW without permit? Cost?
    B. Does the IDPRF 40 hour course qualify as weapons training?

    Thanks and KEEP THAT POWDER DRY!

  10. Same problem

    I would like to welcome you as I joined back in June. I could not find it either so this is a good place to begin. I would say start reading and jump in when a topic interests you or you can contribute. Most of the threads I have read show the membership helpful, friendly, and as knowledgeable as I have encountered. I myself have carried for over two years since Kansas won their independence. Will be traveling to Georgia by car for a wedding next week and all the states except Georgia have reciprocacy. Won't feel the same without my compact for the trip. Too bad they won't check it at the border for you. Hope you start to feel at home here. Lots of good people to rely on.

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    Join Date
    Oct 2010
    Well.... Since this seems to be the unofficial "welcome" party....
    Im writing from Kentucky.
    I've been using packing.org until it closed and since then I have been using USAcarry as a guide about where I can and won't travel.
    I have not taken the time to joing here since paking.org went kapoot. But I finally joined.
    So hello to everyone.
    You may note that my profile has no text on ''about me''. I will leave that as an option if anyone here cares to get to know me, ask me and you will know.
    Some facts about myself I might reply with private msg.
    Im here to make friends, possible even help with information I know, besides the learning I get as an ongoing basis.
    Im bi-lingual, (care to guess?)
    I guess thats all I will say for now.... I hope to make great friends from the people here.
    Whenever there is doubt, There is no doubt.

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