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Thread: I can't find the introductions forum

  1. Does the "Introductions" forum really exist? If so, it is as alusive as the mythical Sasquatch.

    Apparently, I joined this group some time back, but had forgotten that I had. I never posted anything.
    My wife and I travel extensively in our motorhome throughout the US and Canada. I have a CCW issued in Oklahonma, and always check the areas through which we will be travelling for applicable laws.

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    I live in the high desert city of Ridgecrest, CA
    I'm admonished every time I log in, to "Join in on the conversations" go to the Introductions Forum. Have never been able to find it and just today discovered this forum. Thank yoiu!

    I'm CCW permitted in California and Utah. I'm ashamed that my home state (CA) has no reciprocity with other states.

    I will be 70 y.o. on the 29th of Oct and carry either my Ruger P-90 or Rossi .357, although I can carry my Glock 19.

    If I could, I'd move to any one of a number of states better than California.

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    Introductions (I think)

    I've been reading posts, getting newsletters, and e-mail updates since, I think, Aug '09 and finally realized that my attempt to actively register back then failed. So I'll stop lurking now, and try to become an active participant. So far I have found the posts to be interesting and hopefully will be able to add some meaningful comments as time goes by.
    Shooting supplies and the best range in N. CA.; = Field Shotgun, Action pistol thru 1,000 yard rifle (12 ranges) @ http://www.sacvalley.org/

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    I'm new to the forum, and can't find the "Introductions" forum, either

    Hello to everyone, and thanks to the sponsors & individuals that make this forum possible.

    Will be posting more later, but just wanted to break the ice.

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    Same thing... new to site... couldn't find intro forum... but found thread ABOUT NOT FINDING it, so looks to as good a place as any to 'break my cherry'...

    Howdy folks, I just joined the forum and wanted to say 'Hi' from 'the Peoples Republic of Illinois'. The Cubs will probably win a World series before we EVER get any form of concealed carry here, but it's good to be informed anyway.

    BTW - Hope y'all get out and vote! If ya live in IL I'd suggest Bill Brady for Guv, best chance for CC in a while, still not likely though. Also, if it applies - look at Joe Walsh for US congress critter, Fred Collins for Cook County Sheriff, Steve Rauchenberger for state senator, just my 2 cents. I'll get of my soapbox now.

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    Can't seem to get the reciprocity maps to come on line like they used to. Anyone else having that problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by handgonnetoter View Post
    Can't seem to get the reciprocity maps to come on line like they used to. Anyone else having that problem?
    Nevermind, it seems to be working on my computer today!

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