If only he had a gun... Ltr to Anchorage Daily News
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Thread: If only he had a gun... Ltr to Anchorage Daily News

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    If only he had a gun... Ltr to Anchorage Daily News

    I was saddened to pick up the paper Wednesday and read of the tragic killing on one of our citizens, 76 year old San In Chun, and the wounding of hotel clerk, Monte Howell, in the robbery of Inlet Inn.
    When senseless violence like this occurs, I can’t help but wonder if the outcome might have been different if either of these brave men were armed.
    There is an unfortunate fact in the world we live; the police will not be there when you need them the most. They take statements, conduct investigations (after the crime) and catch criminals. This is what we, the citizens, pay them for.
    It has been said that to fight back, to use deadly force, makes us no better than the criminals themselves. This naive statement fails to recognize that the perpetrator of the assault is the initiator; it is he who is responsible – not the victim.
    I pray that the police catch this coward quickly. Barring that, I hope the next citizen he assaults will surprise him…..
    Michael A. Hervey, Wasilla

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