Dear Editor,

It seems really strange, when the Rockies Express Pipeline was coming through Belmont County ; none of the land owners could get the ear of the county government or the sheriff’s department over many issues that the county had sovereignty over. Now that there is possible tax revenue from the pipeline, the county is all over the situation looking for those tax dollars. So the county government did nothing and they get tax dollar income. The land owner had grievous harm done to them without government intervention, no matter how hard the land owners begged.

These tax revenues should be divided up among the affected Townships, who need more funding for just about everything and the Fire Departments that will be the “on location” First Responders. What ever is left over can be given to the county’s general fund.

If the county government is to represent all of the people of Belmont County , then why is it so hard to ever spot any of these folks when you live in the southwest corner of the county?

Jerry Smith, PhD.

Somerton , Ohio