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    when you visit an insanasylum its easy to tell the patients from the doctors. the doctors walk fast and have key's.
    and its the only way.

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    Criminals, note to self move to NY or IL no one is armed or will defend themselves, Bloomberg even stated the police should go on strike. Move and and more population to these states. PS: Note to stupid kids doing stupid stuff, like dude, stealing cars. In Texas you can and will be shot for this stupid act, instead help an old lady across the street mow someones grass for them. Peace, Love, Colt 45.

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    It shall be the doom of man that he shall forget...... Ole Adolf if he were alive today would have been enamoured with Bloomberg. What a great ally he would have been for the march towards world domination.... Stalin would embrace him with a great big Russian bear hug... Government is good for those in it. How pompus you would have to be to tell our LEO's to go on strike to force the Federal government to enact more gun control. Our government has turned into a pack of pucilanimous poltroons..... I carry a gun to protect myself from day to day threats. I own guns to protect myself from those who would violate my rights of freedom given me by my fore Fathers who created this great country.... If the rest of the world's governments were so devine why does everybody risk so much to come here? If their home country and their politics were so great why do they risk their lives to come here???? Government is our servant not the other way around.... Less than 100 years ago people like Bloomberg would have been tar and feathered then run out of town on a rail.... Wake up America!!!! If our polticals are so smart than why is Castro still in power???
    "A gun is a tool. No better or no worse than the man using it." – Shane

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    Bloombozzo is nuts, pure and simple. A lowly mayor that is so full of himself that it's pathetic.
    Samuel Colt did more for equality in America than any civil rights activist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEggman View Post
    While race is NOT a part of this item, it is a big part of the Gun Control issue for at least two reasons.

    The original gun control laws were written to keep firearms out of the hands of slaves and former slaves.

    Todays gun control laws are primarily most strict in urban and inner city environments where, for whatever reasons (another subject) the population is mostly Black. (but becoming more Hispanic)

    Regardless of the race of the perpetrators, the bulk of the violent crime appears to happen in those places where the law-abiding citizen is both a minority AND unarmed. The people in greatest need of self protection in these places are then, by sheer demographics, more likely to be Black.

    Whether this is overt racism or merely circumstantial statistics is inconsequential and doesn't change the facts -- urban area gun control is more likely to disarm minorities. Since Law Abiding Citizens are the only ones who tend to comply with Gun Control laws these laws do target/affect the law-abiding Black population more than the white population in these areas.

    So, while gun control may not be classic racism it is, by nature of its places of strict enforcement, racist, or at the least discriminatory in its effect.

    This video is quite informative. No Guns for Negroes, produced by the JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership), a look at the history of gun control as it relates to keeping firearms out of the hands of law-abiding African-Americans.

    The video is also available for free download (yes, they will ask for a donation on the download page, but it isn't necessary; download links are at the bottom of the page):

    JPFO- No Guns for Negroes - download or view

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    So, thank you New York, D.C. and Chicago and Maryland. By continuing to keep your most honest and law-abiding subjects disarmed and helpless you are empowering armed criminals, making them feel safe and welcome. You give them power to fearlessly and arrogantly wander among the sheep, culling out prey with disdain for both law and authority.
    Isn't this really the point of Progressive Liberalism.
    There are to many people on the planet.
    We must control the population and eliminate undesirables.

    To many ghetto babies so according to Ruth Bader Ginsberg "Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of."
    Since libs hate the military, a good old fashion World War to cull the heard is out of the question, right?
    However, who constantly dis-arms the military that then leads to a war?
    America spends to much money on people dying of cancer. We need to do what they do in Europe.
    Well Mr Jones, you have cancer. Make your peace and get your affairs in order. NEXT!!! (thank you Mr Obama)
    The War on Drugs is a war to keep it in the inner cities so we can live in peace in the suburbs gate communities and security staffed high rises.
    All we have to do is make the heard think we are protecting them, so they don't feel the need to protect themselves.
    10 to 15% loss to the predators is an acceptable loss. (whispering 25% would be better)

    And when those bible clinging gun toting small town loudmouths start saying things like "the police don't prevent crime they report it"
    or talking about those slave owning, land grabbing, womanizing founders, just vilify them and call them names. They will go away.
    Tolerance of the intolerant leads to the destruction of tolerance. “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” in the land of the free.

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    NYC is a huge mix of ethnicity. It is heavily middle-eastern, hispanic, oriental, Jewish and black. A great number of residents are not American but are illegals, have immigrated or are here on work or student visas. Lat year i picked up my wife's new car at a parking garage after visitng her in the hospital. There was a big scrape down the side. A middle-eastern group of men operated the garage. I asked about the dent and was met with screams and curses. One told me to get out of his country. Another stood in front of the car yelling "hit me!" An off-duty NYC cop was waiting for his car. He advised I just forget it and go fix my car. He said there's no way to win with these guys. All this for asking what happened. Having spent a lot of time in NYC, I personally believe half the city is nuts and the other half callous and uncaring. Will the last American leaving NYC please bring the flag?

    A large amount of the NYC population are from other countries where guns are illegal and frankly, not used for sporting purposes. Lifelong residents tend to equate guns with crime as NYC was once a very bad city. These people vote. And they buy into the gun=crime relationship. In NYC you can own a handgun but can't carry it. The problem is that the population of a single 4X12 mile city comprises about 40% of the entire state and thus thy control the vote.

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    So why go/live there, and give them your money? Why even live in such a state, hmm? There's 47 others, without leaving the continent. Some, like NJ suck just as bad, but some are pretty damned nice, actually. NM and AZ for instance

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