Thought you might like to see what's going on here in Delaware

May 8, 2013

To the Members of the Delaware General Assembly
Legislative Hall
Dover, DE 19901

We, the Citizens of Delaware are tired of having our testimony mocked and ignored while apparently the testimony of out of state victims matter more to this legislative body. We will not go along willingly as you play us for fools, and take us lightly.

The citizens of Delaware are sharing their positions on the gun bills that Governor Markell has proposed, but he doesn't like a lot of what he is hearing. Almost 4,000 Delaware citizens have signed the "Crime Control, not Gun Control Petition" over the past three weeks. Many take time off from work every week to attend committee hearings or write letters to be delivered if they can't be there. They make phone calls and emails to our state legislators. These are normal citizens who, unlike the "experts" the Markell administration parades each week, do not get paid to be there. Overwhelmingly, they oppose these gun control bills.

Instead of listening to the citizens of his own state, Governor Markell has decided to bring in citizens from other states that he knows will tell him what he wants to hear. The Markell administration and Democrat Caucuses have handpicked minor celebrities and victims of tragedies from out of state to tug at heart strings of gullible legislators, and to provide the pretext of justification for passing legislation that is not justified.

First it was Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Gifford, who testified on HB 35, "Background Check Bill" and admitted in the hearing, that the shooter passed a background check! This bill would have done nothing to stop this criminal from obtaining a gun. But it didn't matter.

Second up was Colin Goddard, a Virginia Tech victim, who testified on HB 58, the "High Capacity Magazine Bill". Colin was an unarmed law abiding citizen who ran into a criminal who had no respect for the law. The only way to stop this criminal was with an equally well armed law abiding citizen. But it didn't matter.

Third up is three parents from Sandy Hook meeting behind closed doors with our state legislators. It's a shame the Sandy Hook families are being exploited by other states and our own Governor to endorse gun control. Sandy Hook Elementary School was well known as a gun free zone. This criminal knew he would not meet any resistance and really didn't care if he was a "person prohibited". What would have happened if the principle or several teachers were armed? But it doesn't matter.

Unless these "celebrities" and the Sandy Hook parents can explain how gun laws that didn't protect themselves or their families would work here, we have no idea of what they have to offer.

Theresa Garcia, Executive Director

9-12 Delaware Patriots