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    I don't stick with 'One Book' because of misprints,
    I ALWAYS check two or three books before starting to work up a new load just to make sure you stay safe...

    The 'Cheap Way' to do it is to check the websites of the component manufacturers,
    Almost all of them have FREE load data tables, and you can print what you want for specific calibers and make your own 'One Caliber' book that way...

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    You can also call Seirra's web site technical service by calling one of there bulletsmiths at 1.800.223.8799 you can talk any bullet, powder combo and they are expert reloaders plus they have all the bullet/reloading manuals at there service. Paul Box is one of the nicest guys I've dealt with there and has help me with some of the best bad a$$ loads I've every reloaded. I've talk to few of the other guys that are not to friendly but Paul is a great guy that is willing to help so I always ask for him.

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  4. The LEE manual is a generic compilation of information from a bunch of other manuals and doesn't specify bullet,case, or primer brand(in most cases). I use the Lyman regularly and it's worth the price. I try to keep a manual from the maker of my favorite bullet and most used powder company. I used to have just the Lyman but for the last couple of decades usually consult 2 or 3 manuals for corresponding data. If I see one manual showing a starting load at or close to another's max load or a wide disparity in velocities, I get very conservative and careful.

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    Start with the Lyman manual. Then work towards more specific manuals once you develop favorite bullets, powders, etc, and want to fine tune your loads.

    Keep records of everything you do! Be meticulous.

    The nickel cases are fine to reload, just watch for the plating to start rubbing off. This will usually occur at the pressure band first. Discard them when you see brass, because the nickel CAN build up in your dies and lead to a stuck case. Much less likely with carbide dies.

    Good luck. Go slow. Read everything, follow the recipes to the letter. Be safe.

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    Another good place to get loading data is on line at the individual bullet manufacturers websites. I am a newbie to reloading as you are. My wife downloaded a ton of info from
    Hope this helps.
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