mangled brass in IO AK
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Thread: mangled brass in IO AK

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    mangled brass in IO AK

    I have noticed that for some reason my Inter Ordnance AK seems to mangle brass cases more than the steel ones. Any ideas why that may be?

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    Vigorous extraction!

    The gun was designed to shoot steel case (war production)ammo reliably. The extraction is designed with battlefield reliability in mind.

    A common other feature in AK's is that they often ding the brass into the action cover and leave a dent in the case.

    Alternately, the ammo could be loaded too hot.


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    I think that brass expands more than steel does too. That's just something to be aware of, not necessarily even a factor in a case getting dented.

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    handgonnetoter Guest
    I used to own two AK's, an M70AB2 and a WASR10, and both of them thrashed brass ammo. Like said earlier, I don't think the gun was designed to shoot pretty, just shoot.

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    brass is much softer than steel

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiwall View Post
    brass is much softer than steel
    Brass ammo is also heavier than the steel cased ammo too.

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