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    I tried Wolf steel case coated 5.56 thought my AR and had a lot failure to eject issues. I took the gun and ammo to a client/gunsmith and he took a look at it all. He came to the conclusion that the ammo was the problem. Mainly caused by the close tolerances of the chamber. He told me to stick with uncoated brass cased ammo.

    We took the Wolf stuff I was having problems with and fed it through a full auto HK without a hickup. So I guess the answer is what gun you're going to run it through.

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    Are we talking steel cased and cheap or the higher priced brass cased stuff?

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    I can't speak for the AR platform, but I'll use it in my AK, Hi-Point, pistols all day long for plinking. If I'm out playing, and I do have a malfunction (not yet) who cares. For carry I load good stuff like Hornady.

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