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Thread: Recomemdations for 12Ga home defense load

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    I use #1 buck for what I feel is the best compromise between stopping power and reduced overpenetration. 00 buck, to me, is too likely to kill a family member or pet in the next room, or maybe even a neighbor. #1 buck reduces that chance somewhat while giving up almost nothing in stopping power. It is somewhat hard to find though, so I usually have to order it in bulk.
    O or #1 seems about right to me.

  3. for in the building engagements, I have low brass #8 birdshot in my SGs.....for an engagement upto 25' I have #4 buck and 000 buck...all 2.75" rounds. AND YES, low brass birdshot WILL KILL easily at 20 feet. go onto YouTube and look up Demolition Ranch's birdshot vs buckshot vs slug video.

  4. and for those who rant about that birdshot is NOT an effective killer.........just shoot some!!!! I have shot 2000+ rounds of shotgun shells while hunting and testing shot patterns, penetration, ect., ect......and a load 1&1/8th of lead shot going 1200fps with do lethal damage to the chest of a target enough to stop the target WITHOUT shooting through walls and killing a bystander in another room.

    one test we did was walking through a house that was going to torn down and shooting pumpkins with both buckshot and birdshot in the rooms. the buckshot penetrated one wall and entered another room almost everytime, where as the low brass birdshot didn't.

  5. that post is something I posted another thread....but fits this thread also.

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