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    Progressive Loaders

    I strongly recommend the Dillon progressive loader over any other....I think you will be much happier with a Dillon......but use Lee dies!!
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    I am new to the reloading part of our expensive sport. I did just finish a class where we were able to reload 50 pistol or 20 rifle rounds at the end of the class. So at this aspect I was able to get my hands dirty before I dropped a ton of money before I knew what I was getting into. I picked up a couple Lee Turret press starter kits at the gunshow yesterday for under $200. Eventually we want to get a Horady progressive, but for now we have enough to get started..
    If anybody has any info on bulk bullet or brass please pass it on. I will also take any good info on presses, or reloading tips.

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    I also would go with the Dillion. Can't beat the life time warranty. I have called Dillion before and they sent me a part for free. Dillion rules!

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    I am a licensed ammo mfg and have 9 Dillon progressive loaders that I use for R&D and commercial loading......the Dillons turn out an outstanding cartridge and are very consistent. And Dillon's warranty is next to none with no hassels.

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    Thanks to everyone for keeping this thread going, still working with my Lee Turret press. Will definitely look at my options on here.

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