WTS Sierra 53gr. Bench Rest bullets. 800ct.
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Thread: WTS Sierra 53gr. Bench Rest bullets. 800ct.

  1. WTS Sierra 53gr. Bench Rest bullets. 800ct.

    I have 8 unopened 100ct. boxes of Sierra Bench Rest .224 dia 53gr bullets. I was looking around and they don't make them anymore. I believe these might be the predecessor to MatchKing bullets, but I'm not sure. I did some searching and apparently some people feel they have a small amount of collector value. Someone I saw was trying to sell them at about $20 a box. I would like to know if anyone would be interested in purchasing them from me at $15 a box. I would feel bad about reloading and plinking away something that someone may want to collect. Boxes are in great condition with paper still intact and would make a nice display piece. I think these were made in the 60's or 70's, but I'm not sure. The guy who I got them from seemed to think the 60's at some point. If you want them, just let me know and I will calculate the shipping to your house. I will take payments by paypal or money order. If using paypal add 3% to cover the paypal charges.

    I just looked around today to update this post, and MatchKing bullets of the same weight are going for about $20 a box. These are almost the exact same thing. They are still in excellent condition with no flaws. So $15 sounds like a perfect price per box. I might give a better deal if someone takes all of them off of my hands.
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