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    hog ammo

    Was reading about winchesters new razorback xt ammo in 308 and 223 looks to be some good stuff. Might buy a couple boxes of 308 to sink into some feral hogs here in the blue grass

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    ah you gonna be bringing home the bacon and cooking it too
    best wishes
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    Looks to have some extreme Hog terminating ballistics

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    Thanks eagle, savage came out with a hog rifle it seems to be a deadly combo

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    I've always wanted to go on a hog hunt. Let us know how it turns out!

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    Wanting to go hog hunting in December. I plan on taking a .308 Win and a 44 mag pistol.
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    I am wanting to pick up hog hunting. I have a friend with several hundred acres of beans, and the hogs are tearing it up. They are getting worse by the year. I have been considering an AR15 with 300blk. That 308 round may be a good load for it.

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