Reloader 19 and .223
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  1. Reloader 19 and .223

    Greetings all, with the limited availability of reloading supplies,the only rifle powder I was able to find was Reloader 19 which I know is not ideal for the .223 (too slow). However, if this were the only option what would be a good starting load for a 55gn fmj and a rifle barrel with a 1:9 twist?

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    Hi ruger 10/22, I know this is a little later of an answer, I wouldn't use RL19 in the .223. It is too slow of a powder.

  4. Much too slow.

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    Much too slow.

  6. I have a .223 with 1in9 twist. I use 24 grains of TAC powder. It's and excellent powder for .223's. I can shoot 1/2" groups all day long.

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