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    325rds - 22LR Federal AutoMatch Target 40gr. LRN Ammo 16 mins ago $0.21/rd [$67.95] [Ammunition To Go]
    40rds - 22LR Federal AE 38gr. HV Copper Plated Hollow Point 16 mins ago $0.27/rd [$10.95] [Ammunition To Go]
    22LR Ammo SK Lapua 40gr Standard Plus 500 Round Box $0.28/rd [$139.99] [Ammunition Store]
    22LR Ammo Wolf Performance 40gr Match Target 500 Round Box $0.28/rd [$139.99] [Ammunition Store]
    22 LR Remington 36 Grain HP Golden Bullet Value Pack - 525 Round Brick $0.30/rd [$159.99] [Surplus Ammo]
    .22 LR Aquila Interceptor RN40 Grain 500 Round Brick 1470 FPS 10 Boxes of 50 Rounds $0.30/rd [$149.59] [CheaperThanDirt]
    .22 LR Aguila Match Rifle LRN 40 Grain 500 Round Brick 1080 fps Target Load $0.30/rd [$149.59] [CheaperThanDirt]
    22LR Ammo Wolf Performance 40gr Match Extra 500 Round Box $0.30/rd [$149.99] [Ammunition Store]
    .22 Long Rifle Aguila Match Pistol LRN 40 Grain 500 Round Brick 1080 fps $0.30/rd [$149.59] [CheaperThanDirt]
    Eley Club Rimfire Ammunition 02100 22 Long Rifle Round Nose (RN) 40 GR 50 Rd/Bx $0.34/rd [$16.95] [Able Ammo]
    Remington® Eley .22 Rimfire Ammunition .22 LR 40 Grain LFN Per 50 $0.36/rd [$17.99] [Cabelas]
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    Man Oh Man those prices are outrages ! Well " DA" Man got one of his wishes ,getting use right were it hurts in the wallet ! So I got a question how the hell can hoard with those prices ? I went out yesterday and found shotgun slugs ,buck& bird shot but that's it . Heard primers can't be found either so it's seat on what you got and dream of the better times past ....in the now USSA !

  4. I remember buying a stash of 7.62 in 1998 or 99 and paying like 16 cents a round for good Portuguese Surplus. I just finished it in the last year or so. I can't believe it's a deal at 50 cents a round now.

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    Yeah, I have a rifle that fires 7.92x57mm, and that stuff is hard to find, and fairly costly. Man, it packs a punch though!
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