Taurus TCP Slide hold open problem.
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Thread: Taurus TCP Slide hold open problem.

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    Wink Taurus TCP Slide hold open problem.

    I visited the range today and took my TCP to fire a few rounds thru it just to make sure everything was still working. Without warning I started having the apparently common slide hold open problem. Upon close examination i discovered that the red plastic magazine follower had sufficient lateral play to permit it to scoot over to one side thereby occasionally missing the lever that raises the slide hold open lever with an empty magazine.

    So there are 2 options, #1. send it back to Taurus or #2. fix it myself. I choose #2.

    Disassemble the magazines, thoroughly clean the red plastic followers with alcohol to remove all dirt and oil. Mix up a small amount of quality epoxy (I used J-B Weld) and apply a thin 1/4 inch wide strip on the side opposite of the metal insert (the object is to position the follower to the proper side to insure positive contact with the slide hold open lever). After the epoxy has fully cured sand-file the epoxy down as required to insure positive action of the follower within the magazine body again.

    This fix worked for me and hopefully others will find it helpful.
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