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    carbon buildup

    I have a Kel Tec SU 16B. There is some carbon buildup on the piston head that is hard to get off. I normally use Breakfree CLP to great effect on cleaning but it won't get all of it off. Any suggestions?

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    I like Marvel Mystery Oil and a brass brush for carbon removal. Cheap and effective + it smells good. I mix it 50-50 with synthetic 5W30 for a good all around light lube.

    A lot of the info out there on gun lubes is very subjective, but the fact is I use the MMO and it works for me. A quart of MMO is about $3.50 and another $3.50 will get you a quart of syn 5W30.

    If this isn't strong enough get some mineral spirits.

    Good luck.

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