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  1. OK, well at this point it appears the wood itself has been bleached and I'm not having any luck getting it to stain evenly. The wood does appear to be walnut as it's a very hard wood. I think I will try sealing it then re-staining it and hopefully that will give me the even colors I'm looking for.

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    I really was a little worried about soaking the stock in something as hot as Laquer Thinner, but all the years of oil in that wood just was tough to get out.
    Yes I thought about that but the paint stripper did a great job, have done maybe a dozen that way

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    There was a section on PBS the Woodsmith Shop ( Woodsmith Shop - America's Favorite Woodworking TV Show ) today that the solution to your finish. After you get it back to wood put on the Wood Conditioner on it to seal the grain in preperation for your finish. Check your local PBS station for times around you. Enjoy.

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    Well I gotta tell ya , the advice you got so far is pretty good ! So I will tell ya mine when I get the stock cleaned out ,I find a fine grit paper and sand then clean then I raise the grain w/a slitly wet cotton cloth and let dry in a room w/ dehumidafyer ! I do this 20 times ,after the first 10 times I go to steel wool triple-ot heavy rub is not needed ! When i get it there and have choosen a finish I take a lint free cloth and dip it in the finish and rub into the wood with small circuler pattern let dry . Sand w/ steel wool clean and aply again do this 12 time and you will want to spack the monkey

  6. Well after a few days of attempting restore the stock myself I decided to give it to a friend who has a background in woodworking and who can restore it to a professional level and bring her back to life. I do appreciate all the input and advice though!

  7. I have read that a 50/50 bleach & water solution wiped on then set in sun for a few hours then wiping off with water will lighten a stock

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