Refinish old plastic stocked shotty
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    Smile Refinish old plastic stocked shotty

    I know, don't laugh, this old single barrel 12 ga shot gun was my grandsons great grandfather's (on the other side of the family).
    It's a cheap plastic stocked old Stevens and the stock is covered in some kind of white looking mold or mildew and the metal is a little rusty. I want to clean it up and refinish it as good as possible and give it to my grandson on his 18th bd. I was given this gun when it was about to be thrown away when the family cleaned out the home of the old gentleman who had recently passed away. My grandson doesn't know I have it and I think it would be a great gesture. The grandson has recently shown a great interest in shooting.
    Any ideas on how to do this refurb as simple as I can???

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    Quad (0000) steel wool and oil for the metal. If there's bluing left it will leave it in place. Bleach for the mold, if it's, in fact, plastic.

  4. Duracoat

    If you are anywhere near summerville, you could bring it into East Coast Guns and let us Duracoat it. With Duracoat you can do one solid color, camo patterns, or any other custom pattern you might like, and it has a lifetime warranty. We also parkerize. Either way, it will look brand new. Check us out on facebook or at Home

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    Thanks for the advice, I was thinking along those lines also.
    Yep it's plastic, seems like it might be kinda brittle, I don't guess the factory or someone like Brownells might have a replacement.
    I am not so good with the wood working or I might try and make a replacement stock.
    If it wasn't for the sentimental value it would more than likely went in the junk. I might try and post some before and after photos when I get on this project.

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    Restoration Parts

    I would maybe check Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. Their website is Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. They have a lot of parts for old & new guns. I was able to purchase replacement parts for my father's old rifle after he passed as I could not find them locally.

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