spikes tactical ar-15 w/Adams arms piston system
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Thread: spikes tactical ar-15 w/Adams arms piston system

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    spikes tactical ar-15 w/Adams arms piston system

    I need help! I have my ar-15 with the Adams arms piston system on it and it has the regular handguard that came with it but I purchased a NcStar MAR4S quadrail (drop in) and it won't fit! Is there a way I can make it fit or am I just out of my money (I purchased it at a gunshow).

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    NcStar is cheap Chinese junk. You should be ashamed.

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    im new to it! this was my first AR-15...What to you suggest that is not gonna burn a hole in my wallet?

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    I recommend you talk to other shooters or ask questions on forums before you buy anything. Take the advice of the gun store emplyees with a grain of salt.
    The bottom line is "you get what you pay for". Unfortunately that means spending some money.
    Always buy American made rails, the metal will be quality, not the soft metal sold my NcStar.
    Since you have already spent your money take your AR and rail to a gunshop that has an armorer and see it they can make it work until you can save up some money for a quality rail.
    Good luck.

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    Thank u very much will do but I am going to look into buying another one though

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