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    I just bought my first gun (yay!), which happens to be a Yugo SKS as well. I am very excited to learn all I can about it and appreciate your starting this post as it has given me much to soon as I figure out the best way to clear off all this cosmoline !!!

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    Gun scrubber, or kerosene removes cosmoline well. When I tore down an SKS the take down lever was tight and stayed as such. Make sure it is fully engaged as it not only holds the gas tube assembly but the operating rod too. When you take it down it has the potential to fly across the room. The only issue I had when changing the stock came when I had to take the top hand guard off. The Yugo's have a rivet holding the top hand guard on. A good punch gets it out, if you don't destroy the retaining plate. Save yourself some hassle and buy a new gas tube with top guard attached, Tapco makes a good one, mine needed a gunsmith to fit properly as they are made generically. Finally make sure your gas key is in the "semi" position and fully engaged as that could be causing your FTE issues. Cleaning and cosmoline tend to jam these up.
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