AK performance trigger spring, anybody try one?
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Thread: AK performance trigger spring, anybody try one?

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    AK performance trigger spring, anybody try one?

    I'm at the beginning of a Saiga/AK conversion and while buying my kit I saw this, although I can't see how a trigger spring (in an AK) could give smoother trigger pull I bought it since it's only $10. From what I can see the spring does nothing until it's released and sending the hammer home, but has anybody swapped out springs from the factory braided ones? any difference?

    <b>JTE Performance Power Hammer Spring /Main Spring</b> for All Saiga and AK variants

  3. My take, apart from the occasional defective/damaged hammer/trigger spring, there is nothing wrong with the AK "factory" springs. I would not replace a good working spring with this. An AK is an AK. There is not much you can improve on it as it is. It is all a gimmick, like most of the stuff you can buy out there to "dress up" your AK while lightening your wallet.

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