Marlin 30.30 rifle lever action won't close.
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Thread: Marlin 30.30 rifle lever action won't close.

  1. Marlin 30.30 rifle lever action won't close.

    I purchased a new Marlin lever action 30-30 rifle about 6 months ago at Fleet Farm. Was getting ready to use it for the first time and pulled the lever down. It stuck there and will not close. Two friends have looked at it with me and we can't determine why it won't close. I suspect Fleet Farm won't be able to do anything. Do I need to find a gunsmith or is this a known problem with an easy solution?

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    It could be the ejector, could be with the hammer, loader arms or poss safety.

    Can you get the screw removed for the lever to be taken out of the gun, then take the bolt completely out. It will be easier to find the problem. The ejector is placed on the inside of the receiver but is to stay in place when cycling the bolt. Sometimes it messes up or was placed inside incorrectly. So pay attention to it as you extract the bolt from the rifle. It will drop out when you remove the bolt.

    Use the manual to reorient it. they are about $40 if it is broken.

  4. Thanks. I will give it a try tonight.

  5. I have had several of these come into my shop with this problem. Every time it was because the loading gate screw was loose. Try tightening it first and you may not have to disassemble at all.

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