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Does your savage have the accu-trigger?

If so the problem is not with the firearm, it's with the user. Not that you don't know how to shoot, just the trigger is so light that a mere brush on the side drops the hammer. If the accu-trigger safety is not disengaged it will not fire and no strike on the primer. I found being more cognizant of my trigger finger position solves the problem. Just be sure to flush the trigger and press the safety sear first.
I don't think this is the issue. There is a very distinct click when the trigger is pulled but gun misfires and there is no dent on the primer where the firing pin should be hitting.
You'll hear a click that is the hammer falling and hitting on the safety sear. What model is the gun?
Sorry about that post from American.heart. She is my wife and we both use the same autologger. I accidentally logged in with her username. She is a new member and I just didn't pay attention when I clicked on USACARRY!

Anyway, it appears as though you were right. I retrieved my rifle from the store and tweaked the accutrigger up a notch. Now it will not click unless the trigger safety is depressed all the way. I did some experimenting and the striker is hitting the primer now. I will do some dynamic testing next week at the range. Thanks much for the advice. I would have wasted weeks by sending back a perfectly good rifle. I have owned other accutrigger Savages in the past and never experienced this problem. I never had to mess with the adjustment because they always felt just fine. I guess this one was just set down too low at the factory.

Thanks again for this very important info.