AR 15 Gas block
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  1. AR 15 Gas block

    Can anyone tell me if this barrel assembly includes a gas block? I'm trying to find parts for my first build and want to make sure I have everything needed.

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    AR 15 Gas block

    Yes it has a gas block. It's part of the front sight.

  4. Ok that's what I was think the gas tube was going into but just wanted to make sure thank you very much

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    Just a quick question, if one has a front sight gas block on their AR, can you still mount optics & sights on an integrated railed receiver??
    Or would there have to be a modification removing the front sight gas block & replaced w/low profile gas block??

  6. As far as I know you can still mount the optics with the front sight mounted gas block. I have seen it done this way when shopping around but don't know a whole lot about it personally.

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  7. You can still mount optics but a rail would need to be short enough to fit between the upper and the front sight. If you want a longer rail you'd need to remove the front sight/gas block and replace with a low profile unit. Be sure to check specs as not all low profiles will fit under all rails. Hope that helps!

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