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    I'm working on getting prices and a parts list together to build a basic rifle. I was hoping someone could tell me if I'm missing anything. I have prices and parts for:
    Lower reciever
    Lower reciever parts kit
    Stock(includes buffer tube and spring)
    Upper reciever
    Upper reciever parts
    Bolt assembly
    Rear sight
    Barrel asssembly
    Charging handle.
    Is there anything I am missing for just a basic build?

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    Gas tube and gas tube roll pin (if it doesn't come with the barrel), delta pack (if not using a freefloat), handguard, magazine(s)

  4. Thanks for the reply. The barrel assembly comes fully assemble with gas tube and block. It also comes with a standard hand guard which I plan on changing after the rifle is built as finances allow.

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    Pistol grip, unless that came with your lower assy kit.

  6. And don't forget a muzzle device if it doesn't come with the barrel!

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