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    S&w m&p 15-22

    My son has one of these rifles. Has had problems with the shell not ejecting.
    We tried 3 different brands of ammo.( Win., Rem.,& CCI.) Not much fun plinking
    when every third round or so gets hung up.
    I have the same gun, always run CCI through it, & have no issues.
    So anybody else have this issue? Any advice on what could be causing it &
    what to do about it would be appreciated.

  3. Sell or trade it for a 10/22. If you get a 50 round drum mag for it your kid will forget all about the "Tacticool" AR.

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    THANKS FOR THE ADVICE, that helps me alot.

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    He called S&W, & told him to send it back. They will fix it-no charge.

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    He got it back yesterday. Taking it to the range today. Said they replaced some parts, & "brought it up to current standards".
    Not only that, but they replaced the barrel, ( had some minor rust on it.) How cool is that?

  7. Always good to hear about go customer service. Enjoy!

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